30 December 2021

I read some poems for Peter F. Yacht Club

I don't know why Ottawa poet and compulsive publisher rob mclennan calls his annual event and anthology Peter F. Yacht Club. Maybe he even told me and I forgot.

Anyway, in this season of surging Covid cases, there will of course be no Peter F. Yacht Club reading at the Carlton Tavern on Armstrong Street, a scuzzy, vegetarian-unfriendly, but otherwise friendly bar that rob has made into an Ottawa literary landmark.

So rob invited a bunch of past PFYC contributors to record short videos so he could assemble a video mag this year. I took part, reading three poems from the past year or two. Actually, I wrote one of the poems just a few days ago, during an insomniacal night of despondency.

You can find my readings, and readings by many other fine poets, right over here.

I've been a very bad blogger in recent years. A lot of pretty good things have happened for me literary-wise, even as my extremely modest star fades, perhaps because I'm old now and irrelevant, perhaps because I left Toronto, perhaps because my writing has gone downhill.

Wishing you all well in 2022.

Over and out.


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