26 April 2021

Motel of the Opposable Thumbs on the ReLit Long Shortlist!

 The ReLit Awards are catching up on four years worth of awards, and I'm so pleased to see that my last solo poetry book, Motel of the Opposable Thumbs, made their 2020 Long Shortlist. There are a lot of really good books on that list, including Mark Laba's Inflatable Life, which I edited for my Feed Dog Book imprint at Anvil Press, and James Hawes's first full-length collection, Breakfast with a Heron, from my alma mater, Mansfield Press.

I've had a few books on the ReLit lists in the past. Damned if I can remember them all now. But I do remember that Buying Cigarettes for the Dog won in the short story category back in 2010.

A couple of other entries in this batch of ReLit catch-up awards are exciting for me, both of them also Feed Dog Books: the outrageous The Least You Can Do Is Be Magnificent, by Steve Venright. and the sublime The Headless Man, by Peter DubĂ©.

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