12 June 2020

Razovskyville #2 — The chapbook years

I've been posting my Facebook lifestreams — which I've dubbed Razovskyville — up on YouTube. Here's the second one — in it I explored my poetry and fiction from my early chapbooks and ephemera, mostly stuff I wrote from about age 17 to my early 20s. One of the most enjoyable, and sometimes uncomfortable things about this series is reading stuff I haven't read in years, or even decades.

Here I reading from my very first chapbooks, including He Counted His Fingers, He Counted His Toes, a little unstapled 12-pager, as well as Bad Glamour, When Electrical Sockets Walked Like Men, and Skip and Biff Cling to the Radio, all early Proper Tales Press publications.

I had about 50 viewers on Razovskyville #1, and since then I've been getting roughly 17 to 21 people each week. Not quite sure if I should continue as I've been doing. Or find a new platform. Or fold the thing altogether. I do enjoy it. But I had hoped it would be a way of expanding my audience, and it's not really going in that direction. Though the people who do tune in are mostly wonderful, supportive friends, so it's hard to argue with that.

Just so you know, my virtual tip jar is always open to those who are able and would like to contribute: PayPal.me/razovsky.

I've actually done five episodes of Razovskyville now and I'll keep posting them up there till I'm caught up.

Over and out.


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