17 April 2020

A poem of mine in Spanish!

It was pretty exciting yesterday when a poem of mine appeared online in Spanish! I really like the illustration too.

In 2001, my friend Anne McLean, a Canadian translator, collaborated with a young Spanish translator, Daniel Gascón, to bring three of my poems, including "Invitation to Love," into Spanish. Both of Anne and Daniel have since become renowned translators, and I'm pretty lucky that Daniel recently recalled those translations and asked if he could publish one of them on the online journal Letras Libres.

A different translation of the same poem, along with a couple dozen others, will soon appear in a chapbook published by the Argentinian small press Socios Fundadores. The translators for that collection are Sarah Moses and Tomás Downey.

"Invitation to Love," incidentally, also appears in a musical adaption by singer/songwriter Ben Walker, on the CD An Orphan's Song. Info on buying that, and a nifty look at my poetry by Ben, is right here on Ben's excellent blog.

Over and out.


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