06 June 2017

Poems of My Past, Episode 1 — Razovsky

I write a lot, and I'm kinda old, so I have all these poems from way back. Some of them I remember very well. Some of them surprise me when I rediscover them.

For Episode 1 of Poems of My Past, I go back to about 2001, when I began writing my "Razovsky poems." I think there are about a dozen altogether by now, though I haven't written one in a couple of years. In this reading, I offer up the first three I ever wrote: "Razovsky at Peace," "Razovsky at Night," and "Razovsky on Foot."

Some of the poems in A Sparrow Came Down Resplendent could almost have been Razovsky poems. But I chose to make them more directly autobiographical. I do hope to write more in this series, but lately it's felt like I'd be forcing them.

Wouldn't want that.

Hope you enjoy this reading.

Over and out.


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