04 December 2015

Ladles & geraniums, the cover of my spring 2016 book…

I have been immensely fortunate in that almost every one of my book covers has been graced by art and/or design by someone of my choice, and always a friend. I met Victoria painter Roy Green only once in person a few years back, but I have admired his work ever since and we've corresponded on social media. I'm thrilled that one of his paintings will be on the cover of my forthcoming poetry book, A Sparrow Came Down Resplendent, to be published this spring by Wolsak and Wynn, under Paul Vermeersch's excellent Buckrider Books imprint. The cover design is by Natalie Olsen of Kisscut Design. I like the simple, almost Letraset-like type treatment. The image below is a low-res version: the final thing will be much sharper. But I'm eager to get this out there. I love it.

I like the suggested religiosity of the image. The title of the book comes from my poem "Doxology." So it all makes sense, right? This will be my religious book. My mainstream book. My Rod McKuen book. Maybe even my last book of poetry.

Over and out.


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