29 June 2015

Triple launch in Cobourg, June 30

It is true that I now live in Cobourg, even though all the Toronto hasn't been shaken out of me. On Tuesday I'm launching my three new books in my adopted town. I've seen a lot of support for my launches since I moved here, but I'm nervous about this one. Maybe the novelty of a Stuart Ross book launch has worn off. Will anyone show up?

The Toronto launch last week, which featured books by Gary Barwin, Chris Chambers and me, was a huge success. The Supermarket was pretty much full, and we sold a respectable number of books. I really enjoyed reading from A Hamburger in a Gallery, which is a tough book to read from. But I'm figuring it out. And while I agonized over which essay from Further Confessions of a Small Press Racketeer to read, I ultimately chose a winner: "One Muse Please, With Extra Pepperoni!" Chris and Gary were also in top form that night. It was a good one.

Who knows what'll happen in Cobourg?

Over and out.


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