07 June 2013

Meet the Presses All-Star Non-Stop Indie-Lit Variety Show!

This Monday (June 12), the Meet the Presses collective is offering up a sort of crazy new concept. We have invited a whole bunch of literary presses to do something onstage for about 5 to 7 minutes each. They'll probably also bring some books or chapbooks to sell, but this isn't going to be the usual kind of fair/market.

The Meet the Presses All-Star Non-Stop Indie-Lit Variety Show runs Monday from 7 till 10 pm, at Supermarket, 268 Augusta Avenue, in Kensington Market. We don't really know what the fuck is going to happen. Well, I know what I'm doing: a puppet show with toy apes, an expanded version of "The Ape Play" that appears in my story collection Buying Cigarettes for the Dog.

Jim Smith will be there representing Mansfield Press. Ronna Bloom for Pedlar Press. Nicholas Power for Gesture Press. Gary Barwin for serif of nottingham. Paul Dutton for Underwhich Editions. Someone from BookThug. And I think a few others.

Admission is free. You should come and check it out. It could be the beginning of something beautiful.

Over and out.


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