19 April 2013

You Exist. Details Follow. makes CBC's Top 5 list!

I am the master at receiving honours with no money attached! But that's OK. Just found out a couple of hours ago that I made a list of 5 must-read poetry books of 2013, in the estimation of some anonymous adjudicator at the CBC.

Hey, I'll take anything I can get.

And it's been nice seeing You Exist. Details Follow. receiving a fair amount of attention. Here's what those people of great taste at CBC had to say about my book:

Ross is the joker in this pack: in his latest book, he serves up absurdist wit and playful irreverence, putting a weird but entertaining tilt on subjects as varied as family ties, suburban life and geopolitics. There's heart as well as hilarity here. In Fathers Shave, written from a child's-eye view of a father shaving, the blade of the razor "rips the carpet/and the curtains, rips/Sylvester the cat/right off the TV screen..." -- surrealistically bizarre, yes, but emotionally true to a young boy's awed view of his father.

I, joker.

Over and out.


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