01 January 2013

My 2013 New Year Poem

I don't recall how long I've been doing this, but here is my annual New Year poem.

POEM FOR TUESDAY (January 1, 2013)

It is 2013. We are returning to old values.
It is 2013. Cats are taped carefully to their dogs.
It is 2013. Clothes are self-cleaning, like dishes and ears.
It is 2013. There is a white man in the Black House.
It is 2013. Commander Snout has arrived to offer us the option of a second nose on our face or in a convenient nose purse.
It is 2013. The clouds are shaped like apologetic codfish.
It is 2013. When I try to shave, the mirror plays games with my face.
It is 2013. This has never happened before.
It is 2013. The prime minister is a sociopath flapping his arms in a vat of blood pudding.
It is 2013. Facts have been replaced by fast food.
It is 2013. A woman awakes to find her son climbing a birch tree outside the living room window, then getting unsteadily to his feet on a precarious branch and holding up a sign that says: “I want to be an appliance like my father before me.”
It is 2013. You hang like a brilliant moon over a field of grateful cartographers.
It is 2013. The weather has made poetry unnecessary.

Stuart Ross
Cobourg, Ontario, Canada

Over and out.


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