19 November 2012

My Indie Lit Market haul

The Meet the Presses collective was very pleased with the Indie Literary Market we put on this past Saturday. Attendance was pretty shaky for the first hour or two, but then things got very busy. Would have liked to see more books selling, but overall the presses seemed happy with the event.

I wish I'd picked up more items myself, but here's a list of what I did come home with — both from the presses' tables and a couple of individual writers who were there with some stock in their bags:

Michael e. Casteels, cemantics (Puddles of Sky Press)
David Peter Clark, feathereDinosaurs (shuffaloff/Eternal Network)
Graeme Clarke, Thirst and Other Stories (Horse of Operations)
Warren Clements, The Charles Arthur Stories: Tales of a Man to Whom Things Happen (Nestlings Press)
Sonia Di Placido, Exaltation in Cadmium Red (Guernica Editions)
Howie Good, Strange Roads (Puddles of Sky Press)
Spencer Gordon, Feel Good! Look Great! Have a Blast! (Ferno House)
Adrienne Gruber, Mimic (Leaf Press)
Beth Learn, jabberodge (learn/yeats & co)
Micah Ling, Settlement (Sunnyoutside)
Rampike Vol. 21 No. 2, ed. Karl Jirgens
Michael Sikkema, The Sky The (Serif of Nottingham Editions)
Cordelia Strube, Milosz (Coach House Books)
Caroline Szpak, Garland Get Your Gun (Horse of Operations)
Hugh Thomas, Opening the Dictionary (above/ground press)
J. A. Tyler, the zoo, a going: (THE TROPIC HOUSE) (Sunnyoutside)
Christine Walde, The Black Car (baselinepress)

I do think the Meet the Presses formula of a curated literary market makes for a fantastic event. And now that we are also administering the bpNichol Chapbook Award (congratulations to Adrienne Gruber, author of Mimic from Leaf Press!), the Indie Literary Market has even added importance.

Over and out.


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