15 January 2012

Donate to Sierra Club Canada in honour of Kathryn Marshall!

After I saw this video, in which "Ethical Oil" spokesperson Kathryn Marshall accused Sierra Club Canada of being a puppet organization, when Ethical Oil itself is clearly backed by conservatives and oilies of all stripes, I decided to make a donation to Sierra Club Canada.

The nice thing is you can make your donation in honour of someone. I made mine in honour of Kathryn Marshall. Her email address is kathryn@ethicaloil.org I did, and I let her know in the comment box how grateful I am that she has brought so much attention to the excellent work that Sierra Club Canada is doing!

Nice term, "Ethical Oil." Sort of like "Humane Torture" or "Gentle War."

Perhaps you'd like to make a donation in honour of Ms Marshall yourself!

Over and out.

01 January 2012



When I wake I am already
halfway to the park,
dressed for the cold. The elms
are trembling, the roads empty.
Cars have been uninvented.

Three birds are assigned to me: two are silent
and one fills the air with noise.
Clouds swoop like dark kites.
Telephone wires quiver and twang.

In the park,
everyone I’ve never seen before
is milling around.
A tuba lies in the crispy grass.
I also see a toy sewing machine.
Opportunities are abundant, but I can’t
decide which — music or repair.
As a result: tension.

(Tension is a good thing sometimes.
For example, you should stick it in art.)
I step carefully through
an expanse of discarded 1’s,
and where park becomes beach
I watch flocks of 2’s,
with their promise of grace,
glide across the frozen lake
toward me.

Stuart Ross
1 January 2012