05 May 2011

A Renga for Japan

I recently took part in an intriguing project. Twenty-seven poets were asked to contribute towards a renga to show support for the people of Japan and to raise money for Second Harvest Japan.

The project was coordinated by Sachiko Murakami, a member of the Toronto to Japan collective, a fine poet, and a host of the Pivot Readings at the Press Club series in Toronto.

After the renga was completed (I wrote the penultimate lines, and Larissa Lai finished the poem), Sachiko did the almost-impossible and got each contributor to submit a video reading of her/his lines. Here is the result, including lines by Paul Vermeersch, Elisabeth de Mariaffi, Carey Toane, Jake Mooney, and many others. It's called Another Spring: A Renga for Japan:

To support Second Harvest Japan, you can buy a broadside of the entire poem. The broadside was designed and produced by The Emergency Response Unit, Leigh Nash and Andrew Faulkner's wonderful small-press publishing house.

Here's the info.

Over and out.


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