13 December 2010

More HuffPost ... and leaving Kingston!

Oh my gosh, what a day! Been packing to leave Kingston, tying up lose ends....

Then I remembered I had to hand in my response to the copy editor with Buying Cigarettes for the Dog. So I wrestled with the final niggling challenges around sun-up and send that in. Then I remembered that I had to get my Hunkamooga column in to sub-Terrain this morning! So I based that out. Then Michael at ECW sent back the typeset pages of Cigarettes for proofreading. How the hell they do that so fast?

Many other odds and ends. And then I just found out that HuffPost has again put up one of my book trailers! What a day!

Over and out.


At January 05, 2011 7:21 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

i think you mean snowman not cigarettes. its 2011 not 2009

got the advance copy today looks great nice cover


managing editor
the internet weekly

At January 05, 2011 7:24 pm , Blogger Razovsky said...

Actually, I meant Snowball. Thanks for your eyeball.



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