27 November 2010

I'm reading on Monday in Kingston — plus Ben Walker, Anne McLean and John Lavery!

One of the greatest pleasures of my residency at Queen's this fall has been organizing a series I've called The Real Resident Reading Series. These readings, without exception, have been dream readings for me. Last Sunday, I also put together a stand-alone event featuring six Mansfield Press poets I've worked with: about 50 people showed up on a Sunday late-afternoon and most stayed to the not-so-bitter end: it was a long night, because several of the writers got stuck in a traffic jam on the 401, just a few kilometres outside of town. In the end, all was well.

This Monday, I'm reading in my own series, even though that's bad form! I'll be joined by musician Ben Walker, translator Anne McLean and novelist John Lavery. It's going to be a great evening.

Over and out.


At December 01, 2010 12:32 am , Anonymous steph said...

It was a great evening! Thanks very much for organizing it. I'm very glad I went.


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