07 October 2009

Make mine miscellaneous: the actual numbers

I can't believe what I left out of that Hunkamooga column: a bunch of crucial numbers. That's what I get for writing my column at the last minute!

While I was lamenting the dearth of poetry books containing "Miscellaneous" poems rather than "Project" or "Theme" books, I meant to include the breakdown of the 89 grant submissions.

Here it is: Project books: 39. Theme books: 25. Themes in Sections: 11. Miscellaneous: 14.

So only 14 out of the 89 grant submissions were for books of miscellaneous poems! That's why I was frothing at the mouth, you see!

Over and out.


At October 19, 2009 1:38 pm , Blogger Zachariah Wells said...

I wonder if the numbers are skewed to some extent by the inevitable balderdash presented in grant applications. Whenever I've applied for grants, I've passed off my miscellaneous works-in-progress as "theme books," because I figured that would improve my chances of getting the grant.

But a "project book" application is less likely to be semi-fraudulent. And they made up almost half (!!!) of the applications. That really is telling. Hooray for the culture industry.


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