31 July 2009

A leetle review, plus stuff

A brief review appeared in July 30, 2009 edition of the Halifax publication The Coast. Not sure if this is a web-only weekly, or if there's a print edition too. Anyway, interesting take, and nice to see "Guided Missiles" getting some attention. Are there really that many pop-cult references in my fiction? I hadn't realized.

Stuart Ross' synaptic fireworks
Buying Cigarettes for the Dog, Stuart Ross (Freehand Books)
by Sean Flinn

To be inside Stuart Ross's head: that would be some display of synaptic fireworks. Of course, all the oohing-and-aahing grows a little tired as, paradoxically, the unexpected and absurd becomes the expected and the accepted norm. What's he gonna try now, one asks a few times over the course of these 23 mostly truncated stories. But, like fellow pop-culture surrealist David McGimpsey, there are plenty of reasons (stories) for patience, sticking with the forcefully bizarre and experimental. Reason number one: "Guided Missiles." The longest and most structured narrative tells a great story and uses a magical arboreal metaphor, allowing the author to stay true to his absurdist roots.

In other news, fantastic Poetry Boot Camp last Sunday in Toronto. And I've got two more scheduled for August (15 & 16). The increase in interest in the workshop is really nice to see. I'll have to get a couple of new workshops happening. Perhaps something concerning short fiction.

Over and out.


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