06 June 2009

Meanwhile, at the library...

Martha Baillie's great new novel, The Incident Report, from Beth Follett's Pedlar Press, got reviewed in today's Globe & Mail. I read with Martha at the end of April at the Ottawa International Writers' Festival, where we shared the stage with some guy named Neil Bisoondath. I really enjoyed the festival appearance, in their new venue in the Market. And I totally enjoyed Martha's book. In fact, as soon as I finished reading it, I put it down and wrote a review. Not something I do very often. The review is slated to appear in sub-Terrain. The Incident Report took me way back to my 11 years of working for the North York Public Library: at the Yorkdale, Bathurst, and Fairview branches. Do any of those libraries still exist?

Meanwhile, a little research shows that there are 25 holds in for Buying Cigarettes for the Dog in the Toronto Public Library system (not to be confused with Baillie's entirely fictitious Public Libraries of Toronto system)! The book is still on order, about a dozen copies.

Over and out.


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