13 June 2009

I'm in some mags, which is a pretty rare occurrence

I almost never send out poems to magazines. Unless they ask me. And even then they have to bug me a few times because I'm so bad at it.

But at the moment, an event as rare as the eclipse of the sun: I have poems in two journals.

In Event, out of Douglas College in New Westminster, BC, I've got four poems: a New Year's Day poem, "Sonnet for Tuesday (January 1, 2008)"; a Kootenays poem, "Highway 6 Revisited"; a poem written while listening to John Ashbery's lines, "Safety Self-Portrait"; and a poem written after a song title by Lindsay Jane, "I Have Lived."

In Arc, out of Ottawa, I have three poems: "Heron," which makes me sad; "Sorry Sonnet," a poem about a fucking mealy-mouthed idiot; and "French Fries," a true story of my childhood, almost. "Heron" also appears on Arc's online site.

As usual, I also have my "Hunkamooga" column in the current issue of sub-Terrain. This installment is called "How Jew you do?" It's about Jewish stuff. It ends with the words "Merry Christmas."

Over and out.


At June 13, 2009 2:04 pm , Blogger Evie Christie said...

Heron is so good

At June 16, 2009 4:20 am , Blogger Linda Crosfield said...

Phew! You are on a roll, my friend. I love Heron.


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