01 April 2009

Today: Cigarettes launches in Toronto - and I haven't seen it yet!

OK, somewhere on the 401 is a truck containing three boxes of my new book, Buying Cigarettes for the Dog, headed towards This Ain't the Rosedale Library. It will arrive. It will. But those colours up there, those are not the colours of my book cover.

The book contains 23 stories. Among those stories are "The President's Cold Legs," "Howie Tosses and Turns," "So Sue Me, You Talentless Fucker," "Shooting the Poodle," and "Language Lessons … with Simon and Marie!" It's a very strange book.

Anyway, tonight is the launch, hosted by my publisher, Freehand Books.

7:30 pm. Clinton's Tavern, 693 Bloor Street West (near the Christie subway).

I'll be reading from my new book of short stories for the first time. And there will also be readings by two dear friends and excellent writers: Heather Hogan and Steve Venright.

I hope that trucker's got some good tunes going.



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