03 April 2009

The launch, and me in the Post

The launch went real well. Clinton's was pretty packed, and Sarah was a great host, and Heather and Steve both did great readings. Charlie from This Ain't the Rosedale Library sold over 70 copies of Buying Cigarettes for the Dog. Also a bunch of Steve's book, Floors of Enduring Beauty, and Heather's new Proper Tales chapbook, 2 Stories, her first stand-alone publication.

There were people from every era of my life: from some of my oldest friends to many of my newest. One great surprise was the poet George Miller, who was one my earliest mentors, from back when I was like 16 years old. Man, it was great to see him there.

Within minutes after the reading (I read "The President's Cold Legs," "Language Lessons … with Simon and Marie!" and "So Sue Me, You Talentless Fucker," which got a distinctly energetic response), people were clustering around to get books signed, and so the next 90 minutes were an insane blur of the usual interrupted, stunted conversations and the signing of books. I'm so lucky to have so many friends who came out for me, and so many strangers too.

Meanwhile, I'm a poet again. Over at the National Post, there's this.

Over and out.


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