01 January 2009



You are walking along a street
a street from your childhood
your future or maybe
from a movie (dir. Jacques
Tourneur) or a street
in a small town with only
one street okay or a street
in a big metropolis where cars
are stacked vertically and
a ditty fills your head (banjo
and voice) and a camel
falls on your head and a new
slogan pops into your head
and a kiss is planted
on your head where it
grows into an unusual
sculpture and you tug a pair of
parentheses around your shoulders
like an overcoat and
there you are
walking along a street

Stuart Ross
1 January 2009


At January 07, 2009 11:02 am , Blogger doug wilton said...

Razofski in his antler coat
beetles down the street
hatless just in case
another kiss should fall
from the cold sky


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