08 May 2008

24 hours left in New Denver

My time in New Denver is quickly winding down. On the one hand, it feels like I've been here for months; on the other hand, I can't believe I'm leaving tomorrow. Terry and Ron have been amazing hosts. The days have been packed with work and hikes and kayaking and long discussions. Working this week with Katrina's 5/6's has been the perfect way to end my stay here: so many truly talented kids.

Unlike my other stays here, this one isn't going to include a few days of leisure once the work is done. So I'm sitting in my bed now, peering out across the lake, and trying to memorize the painting. I'm hoping I'll be back soon, with more time to write and think and visit and walk the trails.

Tomorrow, I'm driving to Vancouver with Dave, Alison and Lily: my dance card there is pretty open: only a workshop at the JCC next Wednesday with Grade 10's. Hoping to see lots of friends while I'm there. Wander. Maybe do a few manuscript evaluations for local writers.

In the meantime, Jason Camlot has set up three launches for Dead Cars in Managua, hopefully with more on the way. So far it's May 21 in Toronto; May 23 in Buffalo (my first-ever reading in that city); June 1 in Montreal.

And I've scheduled a Poetry Boot Camp for May 25 in Toronto. This is gonna be one busy month.

Over and out.


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