17 August 2007

Ottawa Folk Festival: me and Buffy

Been a productive stay in Ottawa, but mainly doing editing work. Have made some progress on my novel, though. I think it's just about done. Great evening visit with Sean, Kira and their son Aidan early in the week. And last night hung out with rob mclennan, Stephen Brockwell, jwcurry (with whom I haven't really communicated for a couple years), and cameo appearances by Amanda Earl and Charles Earl.

Wednesday night's Boot Camp, with a group of five eager poets, was a blast. I hope to work with them again on a future visit.

And now I'm off to the Ottawa Folk Festival, which takes place way over in Britannia Park in the west end. Here's my schedule:

This is my first time at this excellent festival.
Here's what I'm up to:

August 18, 1:30 pm, at Ottawa Folklore Centre Point:
Rhythm & Shoes
featuring musicians Pepe Danza and Juliana, plus me

August 18, 4 pm, at Loeb Glebe Hill:
Spoken World
featuring Michelle Debarats, Kelly Kellough, Sheila M. Ross,
plus me … and host Sean Wilson

August 19, 4 pm, at Ottawa Folklore Centre Point:
Matters of the Heart
featuring musicians Lindsay Jane and Nathan, plus me

Kris Kristofferson and Buffy Ste. Marie (!!!) are the headliners. But I'm also really looking forward to seeing the Arrogant Worms on Sunday night. I'm sure I'll discover all sorts of other good music over the weekend too.

Full info about the festival is easily Googleable.

Over and out.


At August 20, 2007 9:48 pm , Blogger Lars Palm said...

jeezus, i didn't even know buffy was still active



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