29 April 2007

On a basketball in B.C.

Got to Vancouver Friday and drove directly to Anvil Press, where I bugged Brian and Karen for a couple of hours. I don't get to do that often. The recent Anvil books are pretty gorgeous: mooched a few titles, and then bought a box of my own book for my Kootenays travels. Also picked up my copies of the new sub-Terrain, which contains my new Hunkamooga column, plus a letter attacking my last one (for all the wrong reasons, I think).

Stayed a few days with Dave & Alison & Lily, had some nice visiting time and got to see a sneak-preview of Ricky Sprockett, and I hit the long road for the Koots in an hour or so. Gas here is $1.20 a litre! But cars are evil, so tough luck for me. Popped over to Main to see Clint yesterday and talk about our May 16 launch at Pulp Fiction. Had a nice little telephone conversation with Pete McCormack, who I haven't seen in years. He's making documentary films and recording songs. I love his songs and singing. Great memories from the 1997 Via Rail Cross-Canada Writers Tour.

Oh, did some biking with Dave and Alison yesterday; hadn't been on a bike in a few years. Also played a little basketball. Haven't been on a basketball in a few decades.

Over and out.


At April 30, 2007 2:02 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

argueably the best basketball player in the world, steve nash, hails from BC, so maybe you're plugging into the supernatural roundball vibe.


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