15 March 2007

Test Reading & oh yeah I'm a poet

Tomorrow night (March 16), I read at Mark Truscott's excellent Test Reading Series, along with American poet Rod Smith. Happens at 7:30 pm, at Mercer Union, 37 Lisgar. It's PWYC. I'm a little intimidated by this one. Also, I was sort of hoping to work up a sound-poetry set, but things have just been too hectic.

I'll get back to sound poetry another time. I really do feel like howling and mumbling.

And the other day, when I was celebrating all the things I'd finished, and all the time that's now opened up for me, I sorta forgot my own book coming out from Anvil Press next month. It's in the editing process right now, which should make for a pretty panicked schedule!

Over and out.


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