02 March 2007

C'mon, sign up for tomorrow's Memoir workshop!

Just a few spaces left for tomorrow's workshop, There's More to Memoir Than Truth.

I first ran this workshop this past fall, and it was a great success. It's a relaxed and free-ranging exploration of the idea of memoir, and of approaches to memoir. We'll be writing some autobiography, some fiction, a bit of poetry. We'll talk about organizing principles, and about point of view. We'll talk about telling the truth and lying. We'll talk about the many people each of us are. Or each of us is.

The workshop runs from 10 a.m. to 5 p.m. at This Ain't the Rosedale Library, 483 Church Street. It'll be a cozy place to be, scrawling away, taking a reprieve from our crappy Toronto weather.

Cost is $75 and you can still register today by calling 416-929-9912. Have your credit card ready, as they say on the late-night toilet splatter-shield infomercials.

Over and out.


At March 02, 2007 9:19 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

"we'll talk about lying and telling the truth." perfekt. has anyone else seen "tristan shandy, a cock and bull story"? now that's a script i'd wish i'd written. perhaps i need to read the original. come to think of it, has anyone read the original? there are so many gaping holes in everyone's literary education (well, at least mine). sometimes makes my head swim. by the way stu, your courses always look great on the screen. too bad i'm 2,000 miles away.


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