29 January 2007

Attempts & consolations

Dateline Thursday: Met with Kate to discuss revival of Fictitious Reading Series. We brought our wish lists. We are now seeking our prey. Nice to visit after so long. In the evening, met with Jenn LoveGrove for beers at Las Iguanas: again, nice visit after a long time: discussion of why the hell we can't finish our respective novels.

Dateline Friday: Attempted trip to Buffalo to see Kenward Elmslie and Ron Padgett read at the Albright Knox to celebrate the Joe Brainard exhibition at the university gallery. Left just before rush hour, but just as the snow hit Toronto. It really didn't seem like all that much snow. Took Lakeshore past the Ford plant, then hit the QEW where I managed 10 kilometres in an hour. By almost 7, I had spent three hours on the road and hadn't even reached the turnoff for Hamilton. Headed back to Toronto, despondent.

Dateline Saturday: Dana and I headed out to see Fred Spek's band Camp Combo at the Gladstone. Seems a pipe burst in the Melody Room and all was cancelled. We headed over to Mitzi's Sister for beer and falafels instead, which was an excellent consolation. Bumped into Stu Berman there and exchanged Stu-like pleasantries.

Further consolations: will attempt Buffalo trip soon to see Brainard show, visit Albright Knox, and go broke at Talking Leaves, and will attempt New York trip in April to see Elmslie read at the Bowery.

Over and out.


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