24 December 2006

Fewer books via more books

In my unending struggle to whittle down my book collection, I made my second stop at Janet Inksetter's used bookstore for her 50% off sale. Here's what I bought:

Sorrow, by Claribel Alegría (poetry)
Arguing with Something Plato Said, by Jack Collom (poetry)
The Haiku Handbook, by William J. Higginson (non-fiction)
The Constructor, by John Koethe (poetry)
The Poem Poem, by David McFadden (poetry)
The Searchlight, by David McFadden (poetry)
The Browser's Opal L. Nations, by Opal L. Nations (fiction/poetry)
Writing Life Stories, by Bill Roorbach (non-fiction)
These Days, by Frederick Seidel (poetry)
This Imagined Permanence, by Nathalie Stephens (poetry)
Part of My History, by Lewis Warsh (poetry)

The Warsh and Nations were replacements for falling-apart copies. The Higginson used to belong to bp.

The shelves are still pretty much filled at Janet's store (she's bringing stuff up from the basement), and her sale is going on till roughly mid-January.

Over and out.


At December 24, 2006 1:37 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

your logic is simple and very north american and i'm jealous of your collection. next time you go shopping and find a recommended used mcfadden or walmsley poetry collection in good condition at a fair price, will you pick it up for me? pretty please? i'll cover the cost of shipping and throw in a big tip if you get it signed. your patient friend, rox.

At December 24, 2006 11:08 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I love the Seidel, Warsh, and Koethe books. I haven't read McFadden, but given your other choices I"ll have to now.


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