04 August 2006

Profound passing of a perfect pooch

Got some sad news this week. Dear old Tess of New Denver, B.C., made the final leap to the Great Doghouse Above last month.

Tess was Terry Taylor's beautiful dog. I have such great memories of Tess. Tess taking me for walks along the trails around Terry's property. Tess competing with Sam the cat for my attention while I blogged late at night in Terry's house. Tess staying in the magic cabin with me while Terry was away for the weekend. Tess lunging for the splash-points as I lobbed stones into the lake. Tess trotting happily from the cabin with a mousetrapped mouse. Tess and me playing tug o' war with stripped branches in front of the cabin. Tess lying quietly and contentedly on the cabin floor as I got the fire going in the woodstove. Tess pushing her snout eagerly into the driver's-side window of my rented car as I drove up to the house after visiting Kimberley. Tess leading me caringly down to the cabin in the dark of night.

Terry gave me an incredible gift when she first brought me into the Kootenays in 2005. My view of Canada expanded exponentially. So did my view of the generosity and warmth of humans. I will always treasure the time I've spent at the cabin. The beauty of the lake, the trees, the glaciers. The serenity.

Terry also took me kayaking a few times in her two-seater. I'd never kayaked before, but it was another way of achieving peace. The last time we went kayaking, in late April, here's what happened.

Thanks for everything, Terry! I hope you and Kate find a worthy companion to fill Tess's pawprints.

Goodbye, brilliant Tess!


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