01 June 2006

Road + Fork

Some loose ends to tie up:

The weekend-long workshop with the Men's Group, near Barrie, last weekend was a great success. Sure, they were rich guys who talked about real estate, investments, work, and sports. But they were also great adventurers, bringing in a surrealist poet to work with them for three days. An unusual gig for me, because it's rare that I work with adults who aren't writers, but who are willingly doing a workshop. Looking forward to more such experiences. Enriching.

The Fictitious Reading Series had another great installment Sunday night, although the crowd was very small. Fine readings by Kathryn Kuitenbrouwer and Richard Truhlar, and even more interesting was the onstage chat Kate conducted with them afterward. We thought we had a great lineup, and wondered why the turnout was so sparse. Is it that fiction fans aren't used to coming out to readings? And how come poets have so little interest in fiction? Times have changed.

Tonight is the bill bissett celebration. I spent a few hours this afternoon with Jeff and Rox. What good guys. Wish we had a lot longer to kick around together. I won't be reading my poem from the anthology, but an older poem, "One of Those Lakes in Minnesota," because it mentions bill, because it was written in the spirit of bill, and because it's a way of making Debby present at the reading, where I know she'd like to be.

Dana Plato: thank you for all you have given me.

My blog will now go on vacation, except for the occasional announcement, while its owner goes in for repairs. I'll try to be back soon.


Over and out.


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