31 May 2006

CELEBRATING bill bissett - Toronto on June 1

Canadian poet bill bissett has been synonymous with art and small press since he begin writing, performing, and publishing (through his groundbreaking blewointmentpress) in the 1960s.

Tomorrow bissett's art, triumphs, and humanism are being celebrated at Clinton's Tavern (693 Bloor West) in Toronto, starting at 8 pm.

Of course, it's the same night as the Griffin Awards. So it's this choice then: art vs. corporatism.

The party at Clinton's marks the launch of a new anthology, the beautifully titled "radiant danse uv being," which features poems by scores of Canadian poets in celebration of bill and the beautiful things that he has brought us, the things he's made possible in writing and publishing.

The anthology, published by Nightwood Editions (which, through a convoluted history, was once blewointment itself!), is edited by Jeff Pew and Stephen Roxborough (known to bloggamooga readers as "Rox"). They'll be in town, and they'll be reading.

And bill will be reading.

And so will I, and John Donlan, and Adeena Karasick, and Allan Briesmaster, and Tom Walmsley, and jwcurry, and Carol Malyon, and Penn Kemp, and John Barlow, and heaps of other people who love bill, and who owe bill.

Admission is free. There will be door prizes. There will be a good vibe, a really good vibe.

And unlike the Griffins, you won't hate yourself afterwards.

I hope to see you there! June 1 in the back room at Clinton's! Come and give bill a big hug!

Over and out.


At May 31, 2006 8:53 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

oh please can i come? oh please please please? do give my warmest greetings to bill bissett, and tell him i visited michael , and saw Lunaria and loved it


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