04 February 2006

Pressure Drop

Today is a day to listen to great dollops of Joe Strummer & the Mescaleros.

If David McFadden knew who they were, I'm sure he'd agree.

Over and out.


At February 05, 2006 12:59 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

yesterday was a good day to burn the danish embassy over a cartoon. what is going on? i want my nukes and you can't have any. weapons of mass destruction are only safe in the hands that continually use them to kill others. we lost power yesterday for 13 hours. we had wine, candles, wood for the fireplace, and scrabble. when the power came back on, we turned it off. what does it all mean? cartoons are too serious for muslims? power is unnecessary? i want to build a big fire and melt guns and televisions. let's read poetry by candlelight. i've got a bottle of red with your name on it stu. comin over?


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