03 February 2006


But you can’t read Herman Hesse
without your life changing. My spoken word
CD is always “just about out.” And
because I don’t like what my hair is up to,
I wear a hat. About now,
everyone starts taking ecstasy.
The wrong choices are still available.
Please stay, we don’t get to talk
with someone so experienced.
If Pepsi is cold enough, it tastes
just like Coke. Can I ask you
what you’re reading? This washroom
is covered in slime. Things are immense
beyond common sense.


At February 06, 2006 5:43 pm , Anonymous kev said...

Not sure you know this, Stu, because you're not a fan, but that title will make many think about the Tragically Hip, a memorable lyric from a song called "Bobcaygeon," a quiet one you might like, I think.

That night in Toronto
with its checkerboard floors
riding on horseback
keeping order restored
til the men they couldn't hang
stepped to the mike and sang
and their voices rang
with an Aryan twang.

or something like that


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