24 February 2006

Bits and bites, nuts and bolts, this and that, Lenny and Squiggy

I thought of a good title for my next poetry book.

My column in the current sub-Terrain made someone cry, and not in a good way.

Anne and Ben are visiting from England, and on March 6 Ben will play Yammy the Cat, which will be spectacular.

I feel like going out with a drawing pad today and drawing, which I haven't done in decades, but I guess I have too much work to do.

Dana and I inaugurate our weekly Long Walk tomorrow. And tonight she has an opening at InterAccess. And she might be going to London.

On Sunday, Lee Gowan and Hal Niedzviecki read at the Fictitious Reading Series, hosted by me and Kate Sutherland. Kate's blog, katesbookblog.blogspot.com, is the smartest writing about prose and the creative process that I've come across.

Last Sunday night, I received phone calls from three American poets/friends in the space of an hour: debby Florence, Richard Huttel, and Joel Lewis. Isn't that curious?

I really want to finish my novel. It's been in suspension for a week, but I think I'll dig in for at least an hour today.

Karl Jirgens phoned me just now. Man, it was so nice talking with him. He's a stand-up guy, except when he's sitting down.

Earning a living is a stupid concept.

I've got a Ron Padgett manuscript to publish.

I found two very old books of poetry by Dara Wier at Janet Inksetter's Annex Books yesterday -- I love her most recent work and wonder if this stuff from the '80s will be interesting at all. Paul Vermeersch pointed me towards Lucia Perillo's Luck Is Luck at Book City the other day: lots of good stuff in there.

I feel like I'm hitting my stride with the This Mag literary section -- but wonder if the sudden change in editors is going to mean I'll be handed my hat.

George Bush looked more out of touch than ever today in his address to the Geezers of the Legion. The day after 130 people were killed in civil strife in Iraq, and the country is hurtling towards civil war, he said, "Freedom is on the march." What a fucking monster.

Poodles have four legs.

Over and out.


At February 24, 2006 1:14 pm , Anonymous rox. said...

re: king george: he's not a monster, he's an imbecile. mao was a monster. bush the little is a misinformed close-minded spiritually bankrupt myopic blue blood texan fear mongering hate spreading misguided born again daddy's little failed business boy who promotes cronyism and vetos common sense. if he were a real monster, he'd have shot his friend in the face with bird pellets. dubaigate is looming...seems congress has suddenly awoken from a rip van winkle slumber. i like our chances of exposing the idiot this time. fingers crossed...and, as always, stay tuned.

At February 24, 2006 7:57 pm , Blogger ddrq said...

i look forward to meeting you (i hope)!


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