07 January 2006

Here, in Chile

Arrived in Chile after an all-night flight. Los Parronales is glorious. A real shangri-la. Tomorrow, the poetry sessions start. Four students (for want of a better word) here now; two more arrive tomorrow.

This afternoon, made the 3k walk to the nearest village, El Noviciado. Bought some chips. Wandered into a nice little empanada place. Everything around here is fascinating to me. Even the most inane odd things. Hard to believe I'm in Latin America again.

I think I'm going to finish my novel here. It just feels that way.

Thinking about Dana, who's off to Halifax to install an artwork this coming week. Wish I could be there, and go to Blue Nose Fish and Chips to break my vegetarianism with her.

OK. My students all like some solid poetry: Layton, Neruda, etc. Will I freak them out with Ted Berrigan and Dara Wier. I've got to frame it all just right -- not that *this is the good stuff*, but that *this is stuff worth experiencing, at least once.*

Over and out.


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