13 December 2005

20 minutes to get the needles into his arms

California stuck some needles into Tookie Williams last night and pumped some death into him. So justice has been done and Americans can walk safer streets now. Yippee.

Meanwhile, George W. Bush stunningly estimated that 30,000 Iraqis, "more or less," had died since the invasion. Is this his first non-abstract reference to the Iraqi civilians who died by U.S. bombs? The "more or less" sounded a bit like a shrug of the shoulders. And as if the lives didn't really matter, anyway. That was the tone.

But even after three major speeches on the U.S. strategy to "win" Iraq, two-thirds of Americans don't believe he has a victory plan. That's heartening. I'd be interested in knowing, too, how many Americans think "victory" is even possible, whatever "victory" might be.

Canadian peace activists Jim Loney and Harmeet Sooden: we don't know their fate yet, nor the fate of the American and the Brit who were abducted along with them. Their Iraqi kidnappers had demanded the release of all jailed insurgents in return for the four. That wasn't going to happen. Sometimes hostages have been released, and that's the hope. Sometimes, though, their murders are announced or their bodies are eventually found. Sometimes they're just never heard from again.

Loney and Sooden's supporters simultaneously call for their release and for the U.S. to get the hell out of Iraq. Seems like a complex and right-minded analysis of the events.

On to my day.

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At December 13, 2005 11:29 am , Anonymous rox. said...

americans are good at killing. hey, everybody's got to have a job. especially if they're good at it. builds self esteem. which raises the esteem of us all. gotta gotta gotta (apologies to otis redding) shove democracy right down their dead throats. and if by chance they can't contain their killing to poor countries on the other side of the world, the law will step in and put you on death row. that'll teach 'em good. yep, john wayne rides again. for the good of humanity. can't understand why it's so difficult for peaceniks to get it. sometimes you got get their attention with abductions, torture, and shock and awe. but worst of all would be victory. don't want that. winning would mean the pentagon monolith would have to take their 21st century toys and go home. what a waste of good killin machines. especially when there's so much killin left to do. besides, it says right there in the american constitution: give in to the dark side, it's your destiny.

At December 13, 2005 4:47 pm , Anonymous rox. said...

p.s. forgot to mention, in the name of christianity, we're all god's children, especially when you're american.

p.p.s. and another thing, although santa claus might not originally be american he is now....ever since he signed with coca cola to do billboards and magazine ads in the 20s, he's been number one lackey for the imperialistic capitalistic money machine brainwashing all with visions of retail sugar plums that distract us from the real bons bons of desire: arms sales and repressive patriots acts to keep america safe from the big bad bogeyman of unlawful terrorists who are trying to push our peaceful little god fearing democratic empire into the sea! it's so obvious, no one will suspect it's not true. what a perfect little scam to repress and control. better load up on ammo at wallmart, before i do, i think i need a rum and coke.


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