20 October 2005

I live in Toronto, and at all hours

I want to thank the people who write comments on my blog. I'm humbled that you find this stuff interesting, or amusing. As I think I mentioned in an earlier post, I've decided (with rare exceptions) not to respond to the comments here on my blog, though sometimes I send a personal note along, if I have an email address to write to.

But I want you to know that I read your comments!

Anyway, here I am in Toronto. Getting used to the idea again. So great to see Dana and talk with my friends. But my north/west tour left a real impression on me. Yellowknife seems like ages ago, but still it's vivid. And the Kootenays seem like this morning. And I'm longing to be back in the log house my cousin Fern built.

Sigh. (I used to know a guy in public school named Cy Stanway. I used to own a vinyl record by Stan Ridgeway. Tonight, on my way out to the IGA, I found a stack of vinyl 45's sitting atop my neighbour's trash. I scooped them up, but haven't looked at them yet. I'm willing to bet that one of those singles is "My Sharona.")

I have a busy weekend and then I'm going to write like crazy. And I've got to come up with something to publish for the Toronto Small Press Book Fair on October 29. Wish I could get another Syd & Shirley done, but that will wait a little longer.

I could imagine living in Edmonton. Within striking distance of the Kootenays, the log house, Banff, and even Yellowknife.

I'm rambling. It's 3:33 a.m.

I wonder if Joe and Suz are parents now.

The girl from Castlegar who commented on my blog has a great blog herself, with excellent photos of her noble dog, and also mushrooms and ants.

Saddam Hussein appointed himself well this morning, the first day of his trial, although CNN had "The Trail of Saddam Hussein" up on the screen for the longest time. I hope Saddam gets convicted, and then I hope they put George W. Bush on trial, or trail. And then they convict him. And then they spare them both the death penalty and lock them up together in a 5x5-metre cell. And Saddam, who reads books, reads aloud to George. And George covers his ears and yells, "There's too many adjectives!"

Dana found a new apartment, just around the corner from where she lives now. It sounds pretty darn good. It's got a study. Someday I'll have a study.

Over and out.


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