01 August 2021

I'm reading in the Lit Balm Surrealist Poetry Extravaganza!

I was invited recently to take part in the Lit Balm Surrealist Poetry Extravaganza! Lit Balm is one of my two or three favourite online reading series, and it's hosted from the US and Australia.

Yesterday was the first instalment of this festival of the surreal: Fantastic readings by Dean Young (oh my gawd, Dean Young!!), Clayre Benzadón, Dan Raphael, Anatoly Kudryavitsky, and Dominique Hecq. A panel included Young, along with Andrew Joron and the legendary Penelope Rosemont (who is also reading in today's instalment).

It's an extraordinary honour to have been invited by Lit Balm organizers Jonathan Penton, Cassandra Atherton, and Mark Vincenz.

I'll be reading on August 7 at 5 pm EDT. It's intimidating! But I'll do it!

Look forward also to readings by Paul Hoover, Maxine Chernoff, Pierre Joris, Charles Bernstein, and so many more!

Over and out.


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