04 July 2020

Razovskyville #4: The Inspiration Cha-Cha

My first full-length poetry collection, The Inspiration Cha-Cha (ECW Press, 1996), was a pretty crazy mélange of poems written over the preceding 10 or 15 years. Like most first books in those days, as opposed to in these days, there was no rhyme (absolutely none) nor reason for the assembly. It was basically just a big heap of poems by me that Michael Homes at ECW, who saw me as a primarily comedic poet, I think, was gracious enough to help out into the world.

I should note that I'm pretty proud of the cover for this book, by artist Charles George. I wanted the whole thing hand-drawn or hand-painted, in homage to NY poets' books from the 1960s and 1970s.

Over and out.


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