01 December 2014

New work on Cordite and The Rusty Toque!

This has probably been my busiest year ever in terms of poetry and fiction appearing in print and online magazines. In the past few days, more of my work has gone up.

Over at The Rusty Toque, my short story "La Papa" has been posted. I began writing that story in the fall of 2010, when I was writer-in-residence at Queen's University. It is, in fact, a true story. A potato was nuked for hours and hours in a microwave in a lounge where I was leading a workshop. The title, and perhaps even the larger premise, emerges from my fascination with the different meanings between "el papa" and "la papa" in Spanish.

Over at Cordite, an online Australian literary mag, my poem "Curtains" appears in their just-posted-today Canada issue. That would be my second off-the-continent publication, I think, following last year's appearance in the Tel Aviv print journal Hava Lehaba. "Curtains" is one of a series of poems I've written based on Joe Brainard's "Ten Imaginary Still Lifes." I believe George Bowering has also written a few poems based on that piece.

The heavy publication schedule will probably stretch into 2015.

Over and out.


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