18 November 2014

I, Thug, and a big year for publication

At last I am a Thug. This is my recent poetry chapbook from BookThug, In In My Dream. It's a crazy miscellany of poems, and Jay MillAr designed the cover. I am very pleased to have been published by one of Toronto's most exciting little presses, run by MillAr and Hazel Millar.

For a while there, it looked like I'd have six chapbooks out this year, but it's wound up to be three, which is not so bad at all. The other two are A Pretty Good Year, from Linda Crosfield's Nose in Book Publishing, in Ootischenia, B.C., and Nice Haircut, Fiddlehead, from Michael e. Casteels' Puddles of Sky Press, in Kingston.

Been a great year for magazine appearances too. It's the first year in centuries that I have made an effort to get stuff out there. I've had pieces appear (or set to appear this year) in Jubilat, Gargoyle, Fell Swoop, Event, Illiterature, Stone the Crows!, Cordite, and another place or two, I think.

I have a lot happening publishing-wise in 2015, and I'll tell you about that later.

Over and out.


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