18 March 2014

Further Confessions … but first some chapbooks and a couple of south-of-the-border mags

Look for something called something like Further Confessions of a Small Press Racketeer coming out in spring 2015. The contract is not signed yet. But details follow when it is. Further Confessions (or whatever it'll be called) is a book I've been both dreading and eager for.

In the meantime, I so far have four chapbooks scheduled to come out this year in Canada, and I'm really excited about them — from Jay MillAr's BookThug (Toronto), Linda Crosfield's Nose in Book Publishing (Ootischenia, BC), Warren Dean Fulton's Pooka Press (Vancouver), and Michael Casteels' Puddles of Sky Press (Kingston).

The BookThug and Puddles of Sky chapbooks will be miscellaneous collections; the Nose in Book chapbook will be a sequence of haiku (plus one non-haiku); the Pooka Press chapbook will be two 10-poem sequences.

It'd be nice to see six chapbooks happen in 2014. Any takers, apply within.

Also this year, I have poems appearing in two of my absolute favourite American literary magazines: Gargoyle and Jubilat. A dream come true. One poem in each.

Over and out.


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