05 December 2013

Toronto, Montreal, Ottawa launch tour!

My new book is out. It looks beautiful. It is the most insane book of poetry ever published in Canada, except perhaps for The Better Poems of Peter Paul Van Camp. I wrote it with 29 collaborators. It was published by Mansfield Press, under my own imprint, "a stuart ross book."

It's called Our Days in Vaudeville. I thought up that title, and then I inserted into a collaborative poem I was working on with Mark Laba to make it look like the title had grown organically from the book. Don't tell anyone.

On Sunday, I'm leaving for a brief tour of three cities, along with four other Mansfield Press authors: Stephen Brockwell, Jason Camlot, Glen Downie and Sara Heinonen. Stephen's and Jason's books were also published under my imprint at Mansfield. In each of the cities, I will have a few of my collaborators read our collaborative poems. it's going to be fun.

Here's all the info.

First, the new books:

Complete Surprising Fragments of Improbable Books, by Stephen Brockwell
What The World Said, by Jason Camlot
Monkey Soap, by Glen Downie
Our Days in Vaudeville, by Stuart Ross & 29 collaborators
Dear Leaves, I Miss You All, by Sara Heinonen
Hosted by Mansfield publisher/editor Denis De Klerck and editor Stuart Ross


at the legendary Monarch Tavern,
12 Clinton St, Toronto, ON M6J 2N8,
just a few short steps away from the legendary Mansfield Press.
7:30 PM
My guest collaborators: Dani Couture, Jim Smith, Paul Vermeersch
at the brand new Cardinal Teahouse,
5326 St. Laurent, Montreal, QC H2T 1A5‎
The Cardinal Teahouse is the second floor of the very popular Sparrow bar.
7:30 PM
My guest collaborators: Sarah Burgoyne, Nicholas Papaxanthos


at the wonderful Raw Sugar Cafe
692 Somerset W., Ottawa, Ontario K1R 6P4
7:30 PM
My guest collaborators: Cameron Anstee, Michael Dennis, Sandra Ridley
If you're anywhere near one of these cities, I hope to see you at the launch!
Over and out.


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