25 June 2012

A reading in Toronto tomorrow and 2 workshops in Ottawa in July!

OK, there's an awful lot to talk about and catch up on, but for now, here are a couple of things:
On Tuesday, June 26, I'm reading at the Art Bar Poetry Series at Pauper's Pub, 8 pm, in Toronto. Aside from launches, it's been a long time since I've done a Toronto reading. Many months, anyway. I'll be sticking to poetry for this event, reading from You Exist. Details Follow. and also from newer poetry. I actually didn't realize I had much newer poetry, but a recent grant deadline threw me into action and I found out that I had … well, a grant application's worth!
Also reading at the Art Bar will be Aisha Sasha John and Andrea Thompson. I should mention that I haven't read at that series in at least four or five years. I got invited a couple times by one of the series' organizers, but another one or two of the series' organizers were then my arch-enemies. The archies in question have since departed the Art Bar team and I have accepted the invitation to read.
Next month, I'm very excited to be doing a couple of workshops in Ottawa. The Tree Reading Series is bringing me in for a freebie before its monthly reading, and local poet and alphabet adventurer Pearl Pirie has asked me to do a Boot Camp at her place. Details follow.
I'll also have some time in Ottawa for one-on-one coaching sessions, if anyone's interested.

A one-hour writing workshop sparked by the literary works of the late and magnificent Joe Brainard, on the occasion of the release of his Collected Writings and the re-release of the legendary Bean Spasms collaboration between Joe, Ron Padgett, and Ted Berrigan.

Tuesday, July 24, 6:45 – 7:45 pm
Arts Court, Daly Ave, 2nd floor
Presented by Tree Seed Workshops

A relaxed but intensive workshop for beginning poets, experienced poets, stalled poets, and haikuists who want to get beyond three lines. Poetry Boot Camp focuses on the pleasures of poetry and the riches that spontaneity brings, through lively directed writing strategies. You will write in ways you’d never imagined. Arrive with an open mind, and leave with a heap of new poems!
Wednesday, July 25, 6:30 – 930 pm
Venue is a private home in Hintonburg
(a block from the 86 bus route)
Register by prepaying via PayPal or eTransfer to Stuart Ross at razovsky [at] gmail [dot] com
Space is limited.
Over and out.


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