10 June 2010



I have been retained by and who have instructed me to letter to you respect to the Toronto apparently making these statements maliciously to attack the reputation and character of, frankly, and with the intent to injure them in their office, professional, calling, or malicious and exceed the limits of comment and free speech, I have read legal proceedings against you many, for example, your recent e-mail on or around January 3, copied to numerous parties nature and tone your web write this by included the following statement, at this point, frankly, I don’t see how libel critics, deny reactions to your criticisms are untrue and defamatory, you are the community a voice, and refuse to recognize the collective can have the moral authority to run a fair dedicated to literature and independent voices, the “people” in these statements are defamatory, other statements my cease clients, and your advice with regard statements are patently false and in my opinion, many of your recent statements concerning my clients and in your e-mails, blog and Facebook postings with made the last months in blog postings, e-mails, 2008, etc., of the same you over postings and, as such, they are further actionable and may expose you to punitive bullying, therefore, fair Small Press Book Fair and wrongful conduct, they will also seek your malicious matter and defamatory statements constitute under which their funds people who censor, attack and were acquired and an intent to defame and interfere with squelch debate, my clients and their work, yours is more than damages criticism — it is against and this letter constitutes a demand for a tortuous interference with the business immediate retraction in writing of the false and libelous have made, I also request that further tortuous interference and making references in your website, blog, Facebook page, to my clients, etc., be removed immediately before this immediately escalates any squelch further, it is my defamatory suggestion that you seek your own squelch vendetta without further notice legal to these very serious issues, if you do not immediately publish the requested retraction as well as squelch and desist from conduct also constitute and contractual relations of and false, malicious and defamatory statements concerning and, they may institute statements that you daily harassment and if they are forced to file suit to stop your defamation and awards and damages, legal fees, special damages and litigation expenses, amen.


At June 10, 2010 10:17 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

I like it!

At June 11, 2010 4:24 pm , Blogger Unknown said...

LOL tortierious!

At June 11, 2010 6:58 pm , Anonymous Dink Lawyer said...

"Hi there. I'm someone's dink lawyer friend with some dink lawyer letterhead. My friends don't like this poem so you better remove this poem and never show it anyone ever again or we'll take legal action against you. Then we'll sling mud at you and have some doofus insult your heritage on Torontoist's discussion board. PS. This is not a threat."

At June 11, 2010 8:11 pm , Anonymous Jim Smith said...

Brilliant and uproariously non-actionable!

At June 12, 2010 3:55 pm , Anonymous Anonymous said...

subjective! way to gp!go!

was this a letter from your last grant application? cool stuff.


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