08 June 2010

Indie Literary Market stash

It was like coming home last Saturday, attending (and helping to organize) the Indie Literary Market at Clinton's Tavern in Toronto. Not only because I got to do some postering earlier in the week with Nicholas Power, with whom I founded the Toronto Small Press Book Fair, but because this was a room filled with great literary presses and magazines, and the people who came seemed largely to be after actual literature.

The Indie Literary Market was curated by Meet the Presses, a collective that's a dozen strong, and while we didn't manage to get all the presses we wanted there, we still gathered what amounted to a dream bookstore for small-press Canadian literature. We even got Anvil in all the way from Vancouver.

I did very well at my Proper Tales table, and just about all the money I took in I spent at other tables, though I could easily have spent three times that amount.

Here's my stash of chapbooks, books, broadsides, zines, leaflets and postcards:

Heaven For Bid, by Kemeny Babineau (LaurelReedBooks; "This is # of 62 billion copies.")
Poetri, by Kemeny Babineau (LaurelReedBooks)
The Punctuation of Thieves, by Gary Barwin (serif of nottingham)
this is visual poetry, by Gary Barwin (chapbookpublisher.com; got it at the serif of nottingham table)
The Others Raised in Me, by Gregory Betts (Pedlar Press)
Some Answers, by George Bowering (LaurelReedBooks; brilliant sequence!)
[untitled], by p.cob (Curvd H&z)
Write Ottawa, by p.cob (from Curvd H&z table)
Write Ottawa, by p.cob (from Curvd H&z table; different from the one previous)
Sweet, by Dani Couture (Pedlar Press; I'm so excited about this book!)
deed, by jwcurry (Curvd H&z)
Riryphur's rurrusur, by jwcurry & Rob Read (Curvd H&z)
Kiki, by Amanda Earl (LaurelReedBooks)
The Plight House, by Jason Hrivnak (Pedlar Press)
The Adventures of the Dragonfly!, by Nicholas Jirgens (N.J. Productions; from the Rampike table)
Tiny, Frantic, Stronger, by Jeff Latosik (Insomniac Press)
Other Poems, by Jay Millar (Nightwood Editions; got it at the BookThug table)
Ballads of the Restless Are, by bpNichol (Curvd H&z)
from a photo by D. M. Owen (Room 3o2 Books)
uncovering ground, by Nicholas Power (Gesture Press; I love these leaflets Nick has been doing!)
writing on water, by Nicholas Power (Gesture Press)
Chuck Palahniuk, Choke, by Michèle Provost (Curvd H&z)
Grave Mistake, by Stuart Ross (Toronto Poetry Vendors; got my own poem out of a vending machine!)
BOOK, by Ken Sparling (Pedlar Press)
heart badly buried by five shovels, by Hugh Thomas (Paper Kite Press; at the serif of Nottingham table)
Ladies' Favourite of Tennessee, by Carey Toane (Toronto Poetry Vendors)
The Coming Envelope 1 (BookThug)
Grey Borders, Spring 2009 (handed to me by Jordan Fry)
Handthology (Meet the Presses; this was the build-your-own-anthology project we conjured up for the Market)
Winter 2010 (Battered Press; with chapbooks by Marv Sandeye, Jonkil Calembour, Jeff Latosik, Nick Power)

This was the second Indie Literary Market. Will we do more? Maybe. Will we do other kinds of things? I sure hope so.

Over and out


At June 08, 2010 11:02 am , Blogger Ashley Winnington-Ball said...

Amazing stash!

At June 12, 2010 8:53 am , Blogger Careygrrl said...

Wow! Would love to hear about/see the Handthology and how it turned out.


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