04 July 2009

My first book of short stories, from 1997. It could be yours!

To my astonishment, things have been really going well with Buying Cigarettes for the Dog. Just a couple months after the first 1,500 copies were printed, Freehand Books ordered up a second printing. The book has received about a dozen reviews, all of which were mostly or entirely positive. And the Toronto Public Library system has 29 holds on the book! Yee-ha!

So it occurs to me that there might be some readers out there who would like a copy of my first collection of stories, Henry Kafka & Other Stories, published by The Mercury Press in 1997. Well, I've got a bunch of 'em.

The story "Howie Tosses and Turns" actually begins with a paragraph that ends one of the stories in Henry Kafka, and it features some of the same characters. I think there are other links between the books, the main one being that both books are pretty crazy.

If you'd like a copy of Henry Kafka, drop me a note. I'm making it available for CAD$15 (incl shipping) in Canada and US$15 (incl shipping) in the U.S. I'll sign 'em too.

Over and out.


At July 07, 2009 1:13 pm , Anonymous Clint Burnham said...

I definitely prefer Henry Kafka to Franz Kafka. Much funnier, and better English too.


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