12 September 2008



That menace nodded.
Have you thought?
Two boys was alone.
Her voice like that diner.
A five pushed the door
into the cold.
A cigarette cupped my hands,
pulled the phone from
my pocket. You're big and free.
I want big.
Unless you bust you.
Just meaning. The end.

17 August 2008


At September 12, 2008 1:17 pm , Blogger gary barwin said...

This is really awesome, Stu.

I like how the dislocation (dislocution?) is so resonant, builds the 'mood', texture, and effect of the piece.

How did you write this? Did you write it 'freehand' -- by which I mean, you came up with each line freely or was there some kind of specific process/procedure involved in the writing or editing? I do recognize some characteristic Rossian moves -- for example personification and inversion (eg. the cigarette cups). The dislocation is a newer move in your work (though sometimes you have had 'simple' narrators speak using non-standard grammar.


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