08 February 2008

Puppet boy — and Gary Clement

Fighting off this low-level cold, which, this morning, seems to be threatening a serious escalation. My eyes sting and my limbs feel like those of a broken puppet.

Spent most of yesterday copyediting, on page proofs, the March/April issue of This Magazine. It's only the second time I've done that, but since I read it anyway, I might as well help out in advance. And I never imagined my gig as Fiction & Poetry editor would last this long, but I really enjoy the challenge and I like working with that gang. The forthcoming issue is built around one of my favourite topics: Catastrophe.

I tucked a few new poems into Dead Cars in Managua. Gotta give that whole thing a last read-through and get it back to Jason. It feels like a risky book to me, but I also feel pretty good about it.

Meanwhile, Toronto artist Gary Clement — who created the brilliant cover for I Cut My Finger — has a show of his watercolours (I think) opening this weekend. Gary's a big-time artist and illustrator, as well as the acclaimed author of two great children's books, so I sure appreciated his descending to the gutter to do my cover. And since we're doppelgangers, I may turn up at his opening to create havoc. I love the image on the invitation:


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